Friday, June 5, 2009

Free List

As our girls are becoming adults, I find this compulsive need to give them a last list, sort of like "Last Lecture".  Every parent has some advice that needs given, even if it's not wanted; I'm not dying quite yet, but here's mine just in case I get taken - and they want to know:  

Sleep naked.
Buy the most expensive water hose you can afford, along with shoes, tools and mattress. 
Plant flowers, seeds occasionally, to watch miracles unfold.
Read fiction. 
Indulge in live theater, live concerts, performances - the electricity is 2 ways. 
Buy used cars. 
Be creative, use your gifts and talents.
Enjoy great music.
Support and encourage artistic endeavors. 
Eat quality ice cream, make it occasionally, for memories.
Bake bread once in a while. 
Use butter never margarine.  
Nurse your babies.  After the first month it is bliss!
Say no to epidurals and pitocin during birthing.
Stay home and enjoy being flat broke and investing in the one you gave life to.
Find a way.
Make free memories.  They are best. 
Have bookcases stuffed with amazing thoughts old and new. 
Make love steadily and generously to each other, no matter what. 
Explore yourself, others and your world.
Be comfortable alone - getting filled up.
Limit the things that suck you dry -  (Vegging isn't the same as relaxing, which restores.)  
Never indulge in ridicule or sarcasm, it kills.  Apologize if it happens. 
Find a way.
Go to plan 'B' easily.
Hospitality is about welcoming and nurturing, not performance.  Bless them.
Light candles.
Brew only the best and freshest coffee.  Use real cream.
Exchange a red lightbulb for a white one in the bedroom.  Only the good things are highlighted.
Know in your knower that you are 'the apple of His eye'.
Live like you believe that this isn't all there is. 
Gratefulness is the bottom line and changes everything. 
Find a way! 

I love you more than you will ever know.....

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the "bucket list" of how to "live". Thank you Love! I WANT TO GROW!!!!!!!! MR. L