Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Leaky Faucet

Going to Costco is a hateful way to spend an afternoon. Three times a year is about all I can endure. Today was one of those 3. It didn't turn out to be so very painful after all.

In the line I noticed a man in front of me that reminded me of my dad, white hair, glasses, unsophisticated, hardworking life kinda guy. Then I looked at the goods he was buying. Practical, simple and not much. The last thing laid on the belt was a double package of those elk-leather work gloves. Golden, soft and like a second skin.

Dad has been gone for a little over a year now. He worked hard physically most of his life. Two things stand out; he always wore a hat and never worked without gloves. Maybe when he was younger, but not later. His hands were amazing~like a river rock~hard, yet so smooth.

I tugged on the man's sleeve and told him he and the gloves reminded me of some good memories of my dad, who passed away last year. He smiled gently, his blue eyes really seeing through me.......and turned the leaky faucet of my eyes full on. It was a little blurry finding my wallet.

The clerk who heard the short exchange was also having some leaking going on. She had just lost a dear friend from cancer last week and remarked that it was so bittersweet when something reminded her of her.

We parted with this unspoken but implied purpose......to love those we love better and more-while we have time.

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Anonymous said...

My Love, I want to learn how to "Share the Love" like you, no matter where you are, Your love "and Christ" shine.
Don't give up on me, I'm learning! :)

Mr Loverby