Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ode to Sue

It was Sue's (my girlfriend of 30 years) 50th birthday party today. Her daughter, husband and sister put on a wonderful, cozy, fun, colorful celebration in her honor. People showed up from all over to enjoy each other. Glynn smoked a brisket for 26 hours on his Traeger grill. It was perfectly tender, and dryly moist? :) As in perfect! I wrote a tribute to our friendship and read it out loud. Here it is:

When I think of a color that describes Sue it would be an elegant soft pink. If she was a flower she would be a sweet pea. If she was a flavor she would be Hagen Daas French Vanilla. If she was wine she would taste expensive and rare-fine. Brandy was the dog that matched her best. Her house expresses perfectly her unique artistical flair and showcases her warm inviting personality. Her high teas are legendary. Meals around her table memorable. Her managerial skills along with Glynn’s daring vision is the perfect coupling for a successful business. Sue has thoroughbred legs and ankles that still turn heads. She has written me letters, notes, made cards and sent gifts, jokes and suggestions for me to dream and drool over for years and years. Some slow mail with a stamp and some e-mail to save to a file. All are precious to me. All have been words of life. They offered us a home when we were in dire straights and needed to start over. She offered her parents and family when we had none to share holidays with. She has inspired me to garden and create, like her mother before her. Her hand crafted gifts are timeless classics. Sue is still Glynn’s ladylove after all these years – which in our world, a rarity. He still fancies her. Loves her. She still respects and honors him. Sue keeps her passion and intensity well camouflaged, but it is there, a deep, strong current that we all get to swim in. She uses her resources, talents and intelligence to help make a difference in the lives around her. She has 2 great glaring faults. She hasn’t a clue how beautiful she is. And she struggles mightily in ever asking for help.

I like you, love you and celebrate you. Your constant, unconditional love for me……………… epic.

And Susan, I will never ever give up trying to get you to dance naked in the rain with me. Ever!

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