Saturday, June 6, 2009

Water of Life

Thinking in metaphors is the way it happens for me.  All the time.  It's how everything connects.

I've wondered if I'm somewhat autistic without being 'labeled' as a child - because I think in pictures?  When I read, it is a complete 'picture', instead of individual letters, words, paragraphs.  The whole page is a picture that I see almost complete.   Weird, huh?  

Stay with me here.....  I was thinking about water, all kinds of water - creeks, ponds, rivers, lakes, oceans, seas, fresh, salty, icy, warm, still, moving, rapids, waves, deep, shallow, clean, muddy, stagnant and pure.  

The different ways we live and love are like all different kinds of water:
Intimacy of soul is like diving deep into bracing, pure, clear Lake Chelan or Lake Tahoe. 
Intimacy of mind is like surfing the salty, stormy, crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean.
Intimacy of heart is like floating on a warm, calm, clean, easy, familiar swimming hole. 
Intimacy of body is sometimes like the vibrations and mist from Snoqualmie Falls, sometimes like rafting white water rapids in spring and sometimes like soaking in a hot jacuzzi.
Intimacy of spirit is the combination of them all, like being bone dry, then guzzling in one fell swoop, a dripping, fresh, icy, tall, glass of water.  Getting your thirst quenched.  Satisfied. Satiated.  

If you've ever been wetted in this way, you can't settle for anything else.....nor is it possible to undo the experience, or the bond that was created.  

The difficult discipline for me is to choose carefully who, how, when, what and why.  Careful because there have been times when I unknowingly drank, dived, surfed or floated straight into malignant, stagnant, dark, shallow or contaminated water.  Unexpected and shocking way to almost drown or break my neck!   Fortunately,  I'm fat and float;  bob and pop back up, usually.  Maybe.  Hopefully I'm unsinkable? Not invincible, but resilient?

I crave intimacy with people;  young, old, fat, in shape, brown, black, yellow, red, white, smart, simple, male, female, single, married.....etc.  The desire doesn't spring from a lack of it in my life, but an abundance of experiencing it, which makes me want more of such a wonderful thing.
Have I told you lately...................... that I love water?  :)


~Aggy said...

I think in pictures too! and emotions. and many times, I'll have a "thought," but it's not in words, and I have the hardest time explaining it. it's not exactly a picture, either... well, it's a combo of pictures, emotions, and concepts, all in a split second flash of thought...

KoverB said...

Aggy, loved the 'pictures, emotions and concepts way you put it. Once in a while do you meet people who you can just transfer it to - whole? Without spoken words? And vice versa? It's fun and a little freaky. :)
I think you described exactly how I hear from God. Thx.

~Aggy said...

Yes! sometimes my best friend and I hit on the same thought, and neither of us can explain it but we both know exactly what we're talking about. =)it's so cool when that happens.