Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dunked and Bathed

As I age, almost everything has more dimension, color and texture. Today, I was chewing my cud like a cow does with hay, only I was working on digesting the word grace. Human to human grace.

A strange phenomenon when grace is extended is this; often as the recipient, we act as if we are the givers. Maybe it's pride which won't allow us to receive such a free gift which we've done nothing to deserve, possibly the vulnerability required to accept it or acknowledge how delicious it feels is too scary, or is it narcissism which won't let us consider we even need, want or could use such generosity from a fellow human being.

My confession is that sometimes when I extend grace, I want the recipient to know what I gave and how much it cost. And yet, the secret essence that gives grace it's multi-faceted sparkle, which infuses both the giver and receiver with such a lavish experience of love is not telling, showing or letting them know. It doesn't matter!

"Babette's Feast" and "Chocolat" are my very favorite movies where this is depicted elegantly and eloquently. The recipients who were dunked and bathed in grace were completely unaware. Even so, they would never be the same afterwards.

I haven't been the same afterwards either, come to think about it! And I wonder how many times I have been completely unaware? Amazing!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Lord for the Mercy that you have on me for not realizing Your abundant Grace!
Love you Love

Mr Loverby