Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Wonderfulness

Craig and I left Saturday for Olympia. Craig and Glynn have a truck race tradition every year, so Sue and I sit in the garden and gab for hours while they are gone. Rhubarb pie and ice cream finishd the night. Maggie was invited, but maybe won't be again - she tormented Otis with her puppy exuberance. He wasn't impressed with her stealing his chew toys, stuffed toy or the games of chase that she won. She loved it though!

It was pretty late, so we just spent the night, even though we hadn't planned on it, hence, no toothbrush, fresh underclothes, deodorant, food, etc. Oh well, those are the best memories, the serendipitous ones!

Craig and Glynn went to the truck stop for breakfast, then we took off for Westport, instead of home. The ocean was stunning! We sat on a blanket curled up in a nest/wind break of driftwood, completely entertained by the rhythm of the waves. As Craig napped, I took Maggie on a long walk around the point. It was astringent for my soul.

We wanted to explore the North beaches for the afternoon and take the back loop home. Ocean Shores is despicable, but Pacific Beach, Moclips and the beaches south of Forks are more than completely delightful. There is a rough, small, first come - first served camping spot on a bluff that I will be going camping at someday! I have my spot picked out already. The thought of going to sleep and waking up to the waves right there make me tingle with anticipation. Craig said he'd be at the Kalaloch Lodge, sleeping close by, meeting me for beach walks and meals. Did I mention it was very primitive? :)

Craig's 2 handled trick kite is usually in the trunk, thankfully! He found perfect wind in Pacific Beach. Maggie and I were his go-to girls if it hit ground. It is so fun to watch him play. How can a person have such prowess in play? It was jaw dropping, some of the stunts he put the kite through. In fact, I think it might need a few repairs before it's next flight.....

The ferry wait in Kingston was grueling, like an SOS pad scouring some of the shine right off our magical day. Then the construction going on at night in South Everett put a few high pitched scrapes on. We were at first happy tired, then I took it up a notch and got really itchy and cranky. Had to apologize about 13 times in 13 miles for being a witchy woman.

It is a little crazy to put so many miles and hours on in a day exploring, but this is our 'backyard' and even though we go and go, there are so many new places to discover. Will it ever end? I hope not.

One of the sweetest moments was in Westport while Craig was in the store buying iced tea and some nuts to munch on. I noticed the car next to us had a wheel chair in the back seat and a somewhat sick looking older man in the passenger seat. When his wife came out with 3 bags of things, instead of putting them in the back seat or trunk, she came to his open window and item by item shared her purchases with him. He looked like maybe he had had a stroke or something. I could not quit eavesdropping as this beautiful scene unfolded. It seemed like they were on vacation as she bought a couple books of local color, one of the lighthouse history, a local paper and groceries. She took every single item out of the bag, showed him and put it back in. It didn't seem tedious or dutiful. Both of their faces were lit up and responding to the wonders contained within those plastic bags. Every time she showed him the next thing it was like he got his ticket called and won another door prize. They did not tire of this until the last thing was explored. Talk about milking and squeezing every moment of delight out of the commonest of shared experiences. They were a picture of long time dedication, care and the kind of love that is tried and true to the end. They were completely oblivious of my gawking.

It came back to me several times that day, that what Craig and I were doing today, would be what will give us the ability to drink from that reservoir of stored up habits of love later, hopefully! If we store up enough moments of living together in an understanding way, playing, laughing, loving, adventuring, resting, restoring, respecting, learning each other, sacrificing for each other, giving generously.........we'll be practiced and skilled enough at it that when a really hard experience comes along, we'll simply keep doing what we have done, with some fine tuned adjustments to fit the new now.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the glorious day my Love. I love making memories with you. I could do that all day long!!!!!!

Mr. Loverby