Monday, July 6, 2009

Meaningful Mandelbrots

Math in any form isn't easy for me. Wrong side of the brain or something? But, once upon a time, my genius friend Bill showed me 'Mandelbrot fractals'. I don't really understand them, the equation or the process by which brilliant people from places like Princeton, put colors to the numbers in a special program and come up with these beautiful pictures.

Mandelbrots fascinate me because the first frame is the whole shape, which if I understand it at all, is always the same. From there the next frame is a point zoomed in. The next is a zoom. And the next. It just keeps going forever! A little like a kaleidoscope, but more precise. They have given them names-the valleys, crevices, humps and such. Assigned color schemes. Patterns.

If I take all the words that are words of life like; love, grace, kindness, mercy, forgiveness, enthusiasm, joy, play, healing, wholeness, art, music, etc, etc, etc and 'Mandelbrot' them; it's like when you're 5 you learn about a word, practice it, experience it. Then, when you're 10 you learn it again, see more, understand better. When you're 20 it's more, deeper. At 50 these same themes become more and more complex, more dimensional, more colorful, more beautiful as you dive deep into the story that is being written.

I challenge you to Google Mandelbrot images and just slowly digest the immensity, the possibilities.

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