Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not Nightly News....

Brita had a tire blow out coming home from Granite Falls today on Highway 9 Northbound past Marysville. She was able to pull over, then immediately called not AAA, but her dad. He loves rescuing us girls, so was there within 10 minutes. He soon realized she didn't have the right wrench or some tool to change the tire, so came home to get it, then returned.

While Brita was waiting for him, three cops and 11 guys stopped to ask if she needed help. One guy had his wife with him, half were middle aged and the other half younger guys. They were polite, eager to play the hero, treated her gallantly and seemed disappointed when they found out her dad was on the way back.

She helped Craig manhandle the fix, so she will know how if she is ever in dire straights and alone.

I realize she is adorable and was probably striking a pretty convincing pose of the classic damsel in distress, but the truth is that within 45 minutes some really kind chivalrous men wanted to help her. Her instincts never went on red alert sensing danger. She was a little overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers.

Tessa, both times traveling alone to Austria via Munich, a 4 hour train ride including a grueling train connection from the air terminal to the train station, also experienced incredible kindness from strangers who were more than helpful steering her to the next right spot she needed.

I also have experienced so many people who were friendly, kind and helpful. Car trouble, international travel, getting lost in unfamiliar cities.......

Brita's news when she came home tonight is the kind I love ~ there really are caring people who are more than willing to help!

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Anonymous said...

Tis' not all bad in this "fast paced" world.
It kind of hurts a little, I thought I was the only "kind" man :). But thank you Lord for protecting my Girls.

Mr. Loverby