Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No Points Please

Brita was telling Tess and I about her day and the point system at work. It is a system of rewards that builds up points towards prizes from a catalogue. Brita isn't longing for princess alarm clocks, waffle makers, underwater cameras, ugly bracelets, blenders, tablecloths, etc., that cost 3,000 points. If you're an exemplary employee, you might receive 10 points a day. Maybe. You can get employee of the week which is around 40 points and ipod privileges for the day if you are on the stock team. You need to save them up, however, if you don't use them, you get taxed for not using them! Brita begs her manager NOT to give her points!

Tess, listening intently, dryly exclaimed, "No wonder you don't like those points Brita, you only went to Awanas for one night". We howled!

I asked Brita what IS a reward to her. She said, "It is when they notice I've done a good job and say so, when they choose me to cover a shift and me knowing inside that I did the best job possible".

That is pretty cool. She's barely 18 and on her way........ I concur with her. The best rewards are mostly intrinsic in life.

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