Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Fourth, Friends and Fun

The block party in our cul de sac had a good turn out. As usual, my worst fear is that no one will show up. They came! We met neighbors and their parents and children. There was enough food for the whole county. It was cute how the guys all wheeled their own BBQ's to custom grill their favorite meat with a familiar tool. We had all you can eat crab, london broil, chicken, oysters, lasagne and tables of salads and desserts. Mostly home made which was fun! Craig made 10 gallons of lemonade instead of his traditional root beer, as we couldn't get dry ice on the holiday. We hand cranked 11 quarts of ice cream - enough for everyone to get filled up. We pre-filled water balloons and had a fight with the kids. Someone got the hose when the balloons were done. It was hot enough that it felt wonderful! Jon put up the canopy and people stayed under the shade most of the afternoon. It was truly neighborly and people want to do it again. It was interesting how shy people were at first. Then we all started to meld.

We cleaned up, hosed off, washed off and put away everything - order restored everywhere except my kitchen! I'm taking the day off from dishes! They'll still be there tomorrow. It'll wait.

Last night we went on Richard's boat, picking up crab pots. When we came back in to the slip, the guys cooked the 12 big monsters and we cracked them hot. Supper was all the pre -cracked crab we wanted, steak, better- than- sex-salad (almost)....a.k.a. oriental cabbage salad, potato casserole. We weren't really hungry again, but what does that have to do with anything?

Friday night some friends came over for a simple supper of ribs, coleslaw, taters; they brought strawberry shortcake for dessert. We eased the evening out from the garden room to the firepit. I'm now famous for the worst coffee making in history! Forgot the cone filter, so it was like syrup and we all now have hair on our chest!

It's spilling a gallon of orange juice in the fridge and floor, bad coffee, a disaster hear and there mixed in with the food, fun, conversation, kids having a cry, me having a cry, sunshine, memories, and lingering time with friends; this makes life, life. It's all good. I'm so grateful for fun filled, love filled, memory filled, tummy filled, heart filled, 3 day weekends!

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KoverB said...

After posting this, found the horrendous mess and pile of dirty dishes and pans all cleaned up and put away. Craig once more, is the wind beneath my wings!