Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Real Sweet

Wouldn't it be fun to live your fantasies for a little while? Not the rest of your life, but to try it?

Craig and I are always looking at boats, we see one every now and then that would be perfect to live on for a year. The Nordic Tugs made in Anacortes are our favorites. New, long, shiny and red. We don't have the juice left to start with a fixer upper! We just want one to enjoy. Then, the fantasy comes crashing down. What if it was claustrophobic. How fun would it be to bring groceries and staples on board in the rain. Cold, slimy and slick walking to the slip. Day after day of being cooped up in the dark grey during winter. No where to spread out or have privacy. So, we fantasize about living somewhere warm, anchored in some sunny little harbor in the South Seas. And the paycheck? Where would that come from again?

Hand cranked ice cream is so much fun. If once in a while is fun, wouldn't making bigger batches more often, for more people be more fun? :) So I look at and compare freezers, often as in frequently. Maybe we could do festivals in the summer on the weekends. It is so fun to let the kids take turns cranking it, their eyes full of wonder. But the reality is that's not how I want to spend every weekend- marketing, selling enough to make it worth the effort.....groan! But did you know they make 20 quart ones that have a flywheel that can be hand cranked or motorized? Fascinating!

A hot dog stand on some busy corner, now that would just be the most fun-handing out love in a bun?! But maybe it only looks fun in the movies? :)

It's fun to dream and have fantasies - meanwhile living the real sweet one. My fantasies always include food, water and people playing, having fun.


Anonymous said...

You have always been Kathleen my dreamer and water baby. amazing how one never changes over the years.

Anonymous said...

If we do the ice cream on the boat, we're going to need a cow also!!!! Another dream would come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr Loverby