Saturday, July 25, 2009


We just got back from 4 amazing days forever engraved in bold italicized fonts on my heart. This was the 2nd annual Kindlingsfest on Orcas Island. We didn't register in time last year to find accommodations. Next year, as soon as possible, I'm reserving a resting nest way ahead of time!

It was a big group of people who believe being creative is a God given gift that everyone has. They are living out their calling, being creative. Filmmakers, actors, painters, artists, singers, writers, lyricists, musicians, photographers, graphic artists, poets and dancers. Humble and engaging, every one of them!

Kindling is what we use to start fires. It takes more than one piece. We 'kindle' each other, need each other, hence the name, The Kindlings.

There were some brilliant people who had been labeled and tagged early in life, because us right brainers live in an almost completely left brained world and environment where it's not usually safe, rewarded or celebrated to be 'us'.

Here is the thank you e-mail I sent to Dick Staub. It might express how it all affected me better than a straight blog post:

Dear (Kindlerman) Dick,

We had to leave Orcas after the Sat morning session. I was sort of overwhelmed and spent my time alone at the bow of the ferry, letting the wind sort me out a bit. The verse that came washing over me over and over again was; 'He brought me to the banqueting house and his banner over me is love.' Salty tears leaking, squirting, spurting - watering my thirsty heart.

I've simply been a homemaker, home school mom, and beloved wife - other than that have no patron, no recognition, nothing published, nothing valid, no collection or portfolio, you know, no credentials, pedigree or papers to publicly prove I'm a 'real' artist.

This was my first Kindlings event. This was also the first time I've been in a group of people who 'tilt almost completely over - to the right' (as in right -brained), or been in a big group where I didn't feel utterly alone or like the accidental tourist.

To feel 'normal', to feel collectively and corporately connected was overwhelming; my heart almost burst unable to contain it all. To be in a group of kindred spirits, knowing, understanding, intuiting, worshipping, absorbing and perceiving what we listened to with a humming, throbbing, vibrating agreement surrounding me and weaving us all together, um, it was amazing!

I'm hearing this constant echo; 'I too am an artist, a writer, creative, make things, see, notice, worship my Creator who made me creative! With these people, it's considered a good thing to still have a sense of wonder and awe. There's nothing wrong with me! Nothing!

Not only am I kindled again, but I remember again what I almost name. The one my Lord calls me.

Thank you so much for striking the first match to birth such an epic week of pure, safe, naked, sacred, open, honest encouragement.


Kathleen Overby

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