Friday, July 17, 2009

Tough Flowers

Yesterday Jenny and I hiked in to the ice caves. It was a sunny day perfect for being outside and getting filled up with fresh air and awesome scenery. Maggie came with us, acting very polite about being on a lead most of the way. When we got to the top where the snow fields were, I unleashed her and she went nuts. Loops, tumbles, skids, rolls all the while racing close to the snow. Jenny and I did a few snow angels as an excuse to roll around in it also-it felt so good, cooling us off. On the way back down I spotted this swimming hole clean, deep and so clear with white/blue sand. The blue-ish tint should have told me something. I took my shoes and socks off, climbed down the bank and jumped in. It was so cold I couldn't breathe or talk or move very well as fat solidifies at this temperature! Staying in for very long didn't seem wise, so I lumbered out and up, getting pretty muddy. It was extremely refreshing! The rest of the walk back to the car was cool like air conditioning.

The way the lupine, daisies, foxglove, dogwood, ferns, and bleeding hearts grew gallantly on the rocks with hardly any dirt was fascinating. They look so delicate and fragile, but must be so tough. I wanted to roll around in the fields of flowers too, but refrained.....

It was a very good day!

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Anonymous said...

I was with you in Spirit, Why, I think I even jumped in the water with you!!!!

Mr Huggerby