Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Traveling Light

We headed over to Lake Chelan State Park Sunday on the motorcycle. Packing, for obvious reasons, is very simple. Only the barest of the bare necessities! Even then we look like we should have 'Arkansas or Bust' written on the back. It looks comical with things secured by bungee cords and bulging sidesaddles. Doug's motorcycle was having problems, so they had to re-do with the car. They kept to our traveling light code though. The cooler was the big
treat and concession because of it and we were all very grateful! We unpacked and gave them our load in Monroe since they had room and it would take some weight off the bike over the pass. It was a fortunate cancellation that made it possible to have a premium sight about 50 feet from the lake on such short notice.

Lake Chelan is one of the cleanest lakes around and one of my favorites to swim in - clothed or not. Night, evening, morning, mid morning, mid afternoon or any time in between is the right time to jump in.

We went with some friends who like the water as much as I do, which is rare! Not many people can take much. Judy is a mermaid also, which is a treat for me! If there's water - she always says yes. Craig actually matched us dip for dive.....that was legendary~ I really like it when he plays with me! :)

We rented kayaks for an hour one day. Doug cooked simple meals that tasted so good and filled us up for more swimming. We lounged, swam, found ice cream cones, watched the sun set, walked, read and did it all again. Last night Craig and I left our rain flap off the top of our little tiny tent and used the sky for a ceiling. During the night I would gaze up hoping to catch sight of a shooting star. Right before dawn early this morning, I saw one. Wonderful way to end the
time. We took one more dip before heading home in the sun. We stayed damp and cool until Leavenworth, then the sun and wind baked us to a crisp most of the way home.

It was so relaxing, easy and uncomplicated. Traveling light without all the STUFF is so refreshing. These trips, so common and simple are extraordinarily ordinary. That's why we do it. We need it super simple. Often!

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I'm ready to go back. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr Loverby