Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good Again

Sometimes, in the summer, every day is better than the one before. This summer has been like that for me. And the calendar is full to bursting with more! I'm hoping that all the wonderfulness will be spilling over the top like Niagara, into a reservoir of 'slide show memories' to take out and experience again during the dark, soggy, long winter!

Yesterday Bree and I poked around the little shops in Fairhaven. We took Chuckanut Drive to enjoy the scenic route. It was sunny and leaning towards hot, which here in the PNW is a rare occasion. Our A/C is out so we had the windows rolled down. We had lunch at a wonderful little pastry/bakery shop. Our sandwiches took quite a while, the line was long, but they were fresh and packed with goodness, so very worth it. I had homemade lemonade with a hint of rosemary, which was a thirst quencher.

We walked on the docks and esplanade in both Fairhaven and Bellingham. I picked out a couple of boats to covet! Oh my, why oh why do I have champagne taste on a beer budget?

Bree wanted to take me to Edelene Dairy in Lynden for an ice cream experience later in the afternoon. I ordered black walnut and peach ice cream on a waffle cone. We sat in the grass in the shade devouring our cones like kids, with whiffs of cow everything coming and going on the breeze. The smell of silage, hay, cow poop and cow sweat; it's just earthy and familiar to me ~ weirdly comforting.

Bree and I sat on the swing for a bit when we got home, then did a garden walk before she left, while Craig finished fixing some linkage on Brita's car. Craig was so hot that one of my best fantasy's ever came true. He invited me to go swimming in Lake Howard, a small, clean hidden lake over by Kayak Point. We floated, swam, laughed and played like otters in the delicious coolness for an hour, coming home completely refreshed and renewed. I really like to play with people I love. Especially in, surrounded by or on......water! Water, sunshine, good food and loving people is yumminess!

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