Monday, July 6, 2009

Good Rain

Sunshine is wonderful. We've had days and days of it hear in the soggy Pacific Northwest. Today it is raining and I'm so thankful! Everything is dry and sort of dusty in an unfamiliar way. Anything green is thirstily gulping, preening and shining like new again. It is refreshing.

A while back, I posted some metaphors about water, with rain being like forgiveness. I have been working on forgiveness whole hearted-ly since then. The rain this morning is symbolic and a token of proof that I am succeeding in letting go and moving on.

There have been a few times in the last couple of years that I would have rather been physically violated, with bruises, blood and torn flesh afterwards as evidence. When your heart and soul get violated, it's invisible and no one can see the incessant dripping away of your life's vital fluids. There aren't any marks, nowhere to put a bandage or salve.

I have been pouring over the lives of those who have forgiven much, by reading and watching movies. It is fascinating how beautiful their lives became in the process. Big fruit.

A song that keeps popping up on my ipod when it is on shuffle is India Aries' "Wings of Forgiveness". It's keeping my nose out of the water and keeps me heading in the right direction. Whenever it is now. Moment by moment. I seem to be making some headway and exercising some new muscles.

I feel like the plants in my garden, clean, perkier, green, and ready to burst into bloom soon.

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