Friday, January 16, 2009

The apple of his eye

It was only another woman and me on the elevator going to the 5th floor.  Short ride, short introduction and we parted ways.  It wasn't until later that week I recalled her face, her eyes and body language.  She looked tired, disappointed, un-enthused and like she wasn't expecting or dreaming much anymore.   She definitely didn't know or feel like the apple of anyone's eye. 

We have an idiom, 'the apple of his eye'.  An artist when he paints a portrait will often wait until the end to put that little stroke of white on the eye, reflecting light.   It makes the portrait come alive and the eyes dance.  This little sparkle is 'the apple'....... 

When I was little there were people whose eyes sparkled when they saw me.  I was the apple of their eye and knew it.  There are children and people who make my eyes twinkle when I see them, and they know it.  

Lovers have a shining that happens when they see each other and make eye contact, both know that they are the apple of each other's eye...... saying without words, you delight me! 

Sometimes, I think people can't recall ever being the apple of anyone's eye when they were small, let alone as an adult.   Abandoned, discarded, widowed, divorced or just simply alone not by choice, they are without someone to protect, love, cherish, cover them or lead them.  Even if they had that experience for a few fleeting moments as a child or young woman, they have forgotten what it was like, no memory, no recollection-life's experiences have blurred it.       

As Valentine's day comes around again, I feel compassion towards women.  It's not that I want them to get married, have a boyfriend, get chocolate or roses or the hallmark thing as much as wanting them to really, really comprehend that they are "THE APPLE OF GOD'S EYE".   If they have experienced it humanly, I pray they could remember it, so they will recognize it again with the Lover of their soul.  If they have never experienced it, I pray that you and I together would let our eyes light up when they walk into the they'll know what it feels like to be delighted in.   


Bernadine said...

Dear Daughter
You are becoming a very elaquent writer. keep it up. I enjoy reading them. Mom

Amber Lowe said...

What a great way to paint a picture of how God feels about us. Thanks for writing it down. It is so true that we need to feel like someone delights in us. I believe God created us with that need just so He could fill it. Wow, Kathleen, you have such a gift of expression with words. I get so much out of reading your blog. I've had many "Aha" moments. I appreciate you!

KoverB said...

Thanks for the encouragement girls.
There have been times when I've not felt this 'delighted in' from people, quite the opposite, but knowing how God feels about me got me over the rough patch.