Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not Everything's Messy

Today, our bathroom needs scrubbed, the kitchen needs help, some cupboards need redone, and I wish someone would do the corners, the grunge that just builds up, the kind that needs the little attachment on the vac and a toothbrush.  The stove and fridge needs moved along with the washer and dryer.  Cleaned on and around and underneath.  And our bedroom?  Don't want to talk about it and really hope my mom isn't reading this.   And what do you do with the dust and spider webs and dog hair?  

And my body?  It seems like over the winter 15 lbs have slipped on.  Groan!  How?  This could really get me down, all these obvious dark shadows everyone can see on the outside of me and my house....

..........but then I'm reminded, this is also true:  

Today, my heart is cleaned out, my mind organized, my soul singing, my emotions in line, my insides-that nobody else can see are whole!  This is good!     

Maybe tomorrow I can scrub the bathroom.  Then the next day clean my room.  Who knows, maybe next month I'll have a party cuz the shadows you can't see and the shadows you can see are away visiting someone else.   Hmmmmm.      :)  

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Anonymous said...

Yes I did read it, but of course would come for a visit anyway, would promise not to look in the corners but insist on clean sheets, your company and good food is what matters.