Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wit or Humor?

Today, I used wit instead of humor.  It wasn't premeditated, although it was something only the other person and I would know.    It wasn't funny, even though I meant it to be good natured-banter.  Because of indulging in it, the good that I intended went unnoticed, unheard.  The stab and twist broke the bridge I wanted to build.  So I studied these words today and hopefully  will be on purpose to NOT indulge.  It took Craig to frame it - how other people saw and felt it from me, like a slash and then a comforting pat.     Sometimes I'm trying to point out an incongruity or something absurd, draw a comparison and use it to ask; can you see it too?  I had no idea that it felt aggressive to the other person!   Seriously!   Dumber than a box of rocks......although, when it is done to me, I hate it and feel terrible!   It HURTS!   I can be the victim, then the bully, and it goes on and on.....   
I don't want anyone hurt with sarcasm or cryptic hurtful words.  Lord, may I have an unlimited amount of 'redo' tickets?    My heartfelt desire is that I can become proficient in tenderness, compassion, loving, understanding, empathy and encouragement- so that people will see Jesus in my eyes, hear Him through my words and feel Him through my affection.  Tomorrow's a new day with no mistakes in it.  Whew!  Isn't the learning curve hard?  
                                       "You can't make gravy till you make gravy"   

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