Thursday, January 29, 2009

Be Now

Yesterday, sitting on the bank of the river a question came. 

When was the last time you, or anyone I know, laid on a blanket, on the grass and simply watched the clouds?  Seriously wish I could hear or read your answers!   

When was the last time you laid out on a summer night, on the grass or on a trampoline and watched the stars?  Seriously wish I could hear or read your answers!  

When was your last 'NOW'?  30 years ago?  15?  A year?  This might make you jealous, but hopefully, help you crave more; my last 'now' was yesterday!  It's common.  I can't do without it. Must have it.  Make time for it.  Am on purpose because it is so important.  

We are told 'to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, whenever it is NOW'!     

Have you seen the sun blazing through a heart shaped cut-out in the  clouds?  Seen pictures
the clouds make?  Watched them race and swirl?  Almost felt the breath of God, playing?  

Seen a star twinkle red so hard, that you had to ask your companion if you were seeing things? 

Watched shooting stars that look like fireworks?  Thought of a shooting star as a gift?

Floated down the river for 2 hours, just you and God, playing?     

When people in our culture think of 'vegging' or relaxing, we typically think of geeking out on the computer or watching TV or a movie..... this is not filling us up, transforming us or replenishing our soul.  It's not wrong, like Doritos aren't wrong, but a matter of nutrition, of knowing what to crave so all your systems run at optimum.  Emotional, spiritual, physical, mental nutrition.  Satisfying to the core of your heart mind and soul!   

But what if you dared yourself to be.  Just BE.  Be quiet.  Be noticing.  Be seeing.  Be comfortable with only you.  Be relaxed.  Be absorbing.  Be a sponge.  Be without your cell phone.  Be without distractions.  Be with the One who wants to be with you.  Be present. Be rejuvenated.  Be restored.  Be emptied.  Be filled.  Be!  

If you haven't done it since you were 5, it might be a little uncomfortable, but stay with it!  

Here is a paraphrase of Eugene Peterson's from The Message:   "Come away with Me and rest a while, and learn the unforced rhythm of grace."

Doesn't that ring your bell?  If it doesn't, I dare to challenge you to oil the clanger in your bell for it probably hasn't been rung in a long long time!  If you don't have a bell, get one.   I love you!   :)   


Kent, Melisa,Tiana (and Coda) said...

NOW is rounding the bend and seeing the mountains to the north of us on a clear day, glistening white. NOW is driving south and seeing the bowl of orange sherbet that is Mt. Rainer at sunset. NOW is connecting with that human being that others might cast aside because of his/her physical or mental differences -- all because of indwelling love that caused ME to reach out!

KoverB said...

I too have seen the 'bowl of orange sherbet'! Perfect description Melisa!
You do have 'Now' often! Are we kindred spirits do you suppose? :)