Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day full of play

This morning was a socked in, foggy, cold one.  Not very much to lift the lethargy of the morning. I asked Craig if we could drive North, and catch the Friday Harbor ferry even though it was less than hopeful.  Coffee, walking on the ferry, being together is just nice, no matter the outside circumstances.   We got to Anacortes and the sun was putting on a show.   I felt like a mole, up above ground for the first time; it made me scurry to put on my shades....which I haven't worn for months it feels like.   We missed the ferry by 15 minutes and the next wasn't till 2:30.  Bring on plan B, which was visiting my most favorite spot in the world-Deception Pass bridge.  We parked, walked down to the bluff underneath, spread a coat and soaked in the warmth along with the glorious view overlooking the tide being sucked through the channel  below.  Every single time I'm there, a huge granddaddy seal pops up and looks right at me.  With the distance, you might think it my imagination.  You can.  Today, he started doing barrel rolls in the wild white water rapids that the tide was creating-just to get our attention.  He would swim up under the bridge against the current underwater, then pop up and ride the current till it was calm and do it again.   When it was over, each time it looked like he would look up and smile invitingly.  He was playing.  That's all, playing.  It was so joyful to watch him enjoying his world, the moment.  When we left, an eagle literally escorted us down the road then flew off.   Good coffee, sunshine, the gifts which are free, a true companion to enjoy it with.   That's La Dolce Vita!   


Bernadine said...

I remember in the past when I complimented you kids about something, some would respond like they didn't believe me, "Well you are just my Mom." other peoples opinion was more important. funny huh, but I am so proud of how well you write and are able to express yourself. that is a real gift. P.S. have been printing off these pages to read in my old age. (paper is cheap, ink is not) it is worth it !!!

KoverB said...

Mom, thanks for 'publishing me' on paper! Maybe it WILL be a book of sorts..... :)