Friday, January 23, 2009

Big twinkling

Another huge epiphany just jogged in my brain.  This all connects, stay with me..... 

Craig took me to Orcas to our favorite place to have a weekend honeymoon getaway some time ago.  I had my coffee in one hand and went out on the deck to look at the stars, take in the sound of the water lapping and 'be'.  After a while, this burning desire for a tangible sign, an answer to a very real question made me dare to ask God for a shooting star-as the answer.  (We have this shooting star thing, along with hundreds of other 'God kisses'.  More later.)   No shooting star, but instead, this one particular star kept twinkling like it was going to burst apart.  Big time twinkling, you couldn't miss it.  Meanwhile, I'm begging, pleading, sort of whining, then pouting at the missing shooting star.  A soft gentle voice says, 'Twinkle".  What?  Again louder "Twinkle!".   But I can't twinkle, I'm hurting, done, nothing left-how can I?   Now a ROAR, "JUST TWINKLE, LIKE THAT STAR!"  This got my attention.   "OK,  I will, but can you help me, please"  As soon as the words left my mouth this magnificent shooting star blazed across the sky with a long tail following it like an echo.  Would you have been crying, overcome, worshipping, in awe?  I was!  

When I got home, I googled, 'what makes stars twinkle'.  Turbulence.  Yup!  Turbulence causes the light to bend and fracture and we see and perceive it as twinkling. 
I'm a powerful magnet for 'turbulence'....24/7, 365 days a year!   Maybe I don't have to hate it or run from it.   Ok, don't get any smart ideas, I'm not going to invite it, but maybe just learn that when it is part of my atmosphere, twinkling is happening?  

Here's the trail.  There are 2 someone's in my life that have been a huge influence.  One has a big presence.  Everything is big- the good, the bad, the ugly, the tender,  the funny, the rescue, the teaching, the loving, the generosity, the hurting, the caring.  BIG, as in BIG! He helps big, challenges big, dreams big,  spanks hard, laughs loud, hugs big, and falls hard, lives big, smiles big.   Everything is hugely visible.   Think of a rock.  Craig is a rock too, only more camoflauged. The same, but different.

It's funny how encouragement, empowering, equipping, coaching, exhorting can be the same word and done with different means.  Craig's way is totally opposite.  Both ways get results.  My friend Bill Kaloger said that a horse with a rider can go faster even with the extra weight than a horse without a rider, because the rider is whipping, pushing, pulling, telling the horse it CAN!
I am writing and can't seem to stop- because of this big influence.  Maybe twinkling because of the turbulence?  Hmmm.


eicherz2 said...

Reminded me of the oyster and it's pearls. I know it was a msg from mtg but I still like the thought... they are caused by irritation. Sorta like turbulance causes twinkling. I'm glad you have a couple big influences... I like the output! Love ya lots!

KoverB said...

Oh yeah, love how a pearl is made. Same idea. I love pearls, they are my favorite, now I know why! Thanks! :)