Monday, January 19, 2009

Bon Marche Star

Archived from facebook notes..... 

One Christmas, when Craig was working downtown Seattle at the Westin Building on 6th, I decided to meet him and ride home with him after work.  I had driven down with some friends who left me at the Bon Marche to hook up with him.  We planned to meet me under the Christmas star at 6:00.  It is an icon downtown, which can't be missed.  It seemed perfect and fool proof.  

I didn't have a phone or my wallet for some dumb reason.  His building was secure and only accessed by a security clearance card.  I waited and waited past the time he should have been there.  We always had a pact, if I stay put, he will come for me and find me.  This had always worked before.  After one hour, I started fretting and worrying, because it was cold and I felt so powerless, totally helpless.  My problem solving skills deteriorated!  I scrounged in my pockets and bag and found a couple quarters, found a phone and tried to call his cell.  No answer.  Now what?  Hurried back to my place under the star and waited.  Unbeknownst to me he had been going around the building, which is a block all total.  He had looked at the entrance where I had been waiting right before I went to the phone.  I wasn't there for just those few moments and we missed each other.   

He finally found me after some time and more trips around the block.  I started yelling and crying and accusing him.  He let me down!   My misery felt like his fault.   He let me rant and rave......then, when I finished, he quietly and lovingly looked at me and asked, "Were you scared?"  I fell into his arms and cried and cried, saying over and over again, "Yes, I was so scared and felt so hopeless and didn't know what to do."  He then explained that there was more than one star.  I had assumed there was only one. 

I was sorry and repentant and embarrassed all at once.  When I asked him to forgive me, he already had, before I asked and said, "For what?"  

That's tender- hearted loving- kindness.  That's grace in action.  That's the sweet life!  


Bernadine said...

Very sweet and touching !!

KoverB said...

You picked him for me mom! Was ours an arranged marriage?

Amber Lowe said...

I've had a similar experience (at Costco of all places). Only, Steve (bless his heart)wasn't as understanding and got defensive when I erupted in tears. I don't blame him though. He was totally caught off guard! :) I guess we're still working out the steps of our marriage dance.

Thanks for sharing! Love you!