Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What? Me a satirist?

Continuing my own thread of learning here.....from wit and humor, to ridicule, to this;  satire.
Ridicule can kill, like criticism.  Wit is disguised and cloaked in humor.  Everyone else thinks it's funny-whole rooms of people in fact, but the one it is directed at knows and it is deadly.  A close relative is satire.  From what I've discovered it is;  ridiculing a fault in order to expose it, or correct it.  Anything or anyone is fair game.  Indignation, scorn, amusement directed towards the less than perfect one in the hope of somehow improving his weaknesses and shortcomings.  The subject feels attacked, derided, disrespected and unhonored.  All his follies, quirks, foibles and stupidities are held up and exposed to ridicule and contempt.  It can be a technique which attacks foolishness to make fun of it. It subtley blends humor and criticism to expose a fault or problem, ironically.  It's intent is to force a positive direction of improvement, rather than just tear down. 

These are not my words, but a paraphrase gleaned from a page of definitions- too many to give credit.   

Real tears are splashing around;  there are people who I love and respect so much, that haven't felt it or experienced it.  Here I am, Kathleen, a sometimes cutting satirist and didn't even know it till today!  Years and years of thinking I was being an encouragement, building up, giving, serving, offering friendship and relationship, but underneath-once in a while, satire was sandwiched in between these positive things, very subtle.  Subconsciously justifying it- it was for good, for reform, for exposure for change-vive la revolution!   

In the first place, satire takes talent.  Verbal ease and articulation.  Fast Pitch baby-we're not playing softball here.  Ummmm, would you, could you believe that I didn't (want to) know I was this good?  Didn't know I had the power?  Didn't know that my gender rendered it difficult all the way around.   Didn't know there could be any effect for good or bad?  Didn't know it mattered and was really confusing?  Words have such power and the written word has even more......

Finding that 'sweet spot' on my pen from now on will hopefully let me make 'home runs' often, but not at anyone else's expense.  No black and blue bruises on them or me. No broken bones, hearts or spirits-mine or theirs.    Can we all tap out and start over?  Begin again?  Love better? I'm so sorry, I was so wrong sometimes, will you forgive me?   Hugs, kisses and whisker rubs......

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Bernadine said...

You are growing spiritually, I can really see the change. Remember about 8 years ago I told you that this thing about being HONEST was sometimes just a way of being rude and hurtfull to others. enjoy reading your posts.