Sunday, January 25, 2009

There's a Rainbow Somewhere

Are there times in your life when it would be so reassuring to see a rainbow, a tangible sign of promise and hope?  Stories are wonderful, and the rainbow stories people have are the best. It would be wonderful to hear yours!   

There have been times when a rainbow would have been timely, needed and really helped to lift my spirit.  This summer on my way to Bellingham, I asked for one.  The weather, the sun, the direction was a prime rainbow palette.  No matter where I craned my neck or how hard I stared, a rainbow didn't appear.   

After a bit, sort of discouraged, talking to myself said, "Oh well, I know there is a rainbow somewhere, just can't see it -  forget about it."  Flippantly turned on my ipod to shuffle mode, plugged it in and the first song that came on was "Rainbow Connection".    We surely do have a God who likes to play.   

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Bernadine said...

Well, reading this post about rainbows gave me my smile for the day, now will go downstairs and empty more boxes. When I think of you my #3 Daughter these words best discribe you. Water, books, Rocks, and Rainbows.