Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Maggie is our golden retriever teenager.  She is in a grown up body, but still supple and loves to run.  Usually on our walks in the neighborhood or around the airport trail, she needs to be on a lead.  There is a small section where I can let her off to run, but I have to watch for other dogs and she has to obey me when I call her to come.  When she's leashed, we work and practice her simple commands.  Heal, over, sit, stay, etc.  She's really coming along and a great walking companion attuned with me and what I expect from her.  She really likes to please me.   I really like having her along!   

Everything changes when I take her out to the river.  It's private, no other people or dogs ~ pure freedom!   She can smell it and knows where we're going long before we get there. Freedom does have a scent, U2 says..... 

She has these long graceful legs, doe eyes that express and read everything along with a lush golden coat with white feathers streaming from her haunches and tail when she runs.  I get tears and a lump in my throat watching her.  She is so free, so beautiful, so full of joy doing what she was created to do naturally with ease.  After she has her fill of graceful running, I call her.  She stops, looks at me to make sure she heard right, crouches down and full throttle like a bullet train comes flying at me, stopping short of knocking me over.  Smiles, hoping she can go be free some more, but OK with the reality of being leashed again.  I like to see her free, but it feels like a wonderful compliment when this pup will come to me, giving up her freedom when I call.  At the river, I don't leash her, but I could.  But why?  I feel free there too, no leash.  Free to run.  Free to be.  She'll often lay with me with her front feet crossed, resting, watching the river flow like it's a good movie.  It's way better than a movie!    

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