Monday, January 26, 2009

Footprints and Signatures

Last night we watched a great video, a companion to 'Expelled' called 'Case for the Creator'.  Lee Strobel did a wonderful job like Ben Stein did, in presenting science that proves intelligent design.  The scientists they interviewed aren't what christians would call believers.  They don't claim a love relationship with or know this Creator.  They don't say you have to believe it as an act of faith.  But they do clearly say; we have to look at the signature, the footprints, the window that seems to purposely give us a glimse.   It was mind boggling, intriguing and thought provoking, like 'Expelled'.

Even though I enjoyed the movie so much I don't understand the 'DNA signature'.  But, as I was walking down to my beloved river today, I noticed footprints.  Tires, human feet, rabbit and deer tracks and something that I'm hoping was just a big, big dog, not a cougar!  :)  There was a trail, a signature left by whoever or whatever had been there. 

My unscientific mind innocently knows and recognizes God's unique fingerprint mostly outside, in nature.  Everywhere!    He wants me to see and know it is his handiwork, artistical, creative, beautiful and unique.   Fanciful faith?  

In one sunny day I experienced water laughing, eagles soaring, a sun dog, crisp crunchy frost, 3 planes circling overhead saluting in the bluest sky ever, prism dewdrops sprinkled like diamonds on the stiff frozen grass.......

This was just today.   Everyday can be stuffed full to the brim if we invite them by moving out of our 'nose to the grindstone' life and see.  Not asking, Lord be with me, but instead, please let me be with you!  

The sunshine was gloriously making the frost drip and melt before my eyes.  I could see, hear, touch, smell and taste that the Lord is good....

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eicherz2 said...

"My unscientific mind innocently knows and recognizes God's unique fingerprint..."

I AGREE! I have a difficult time getting people that can and do reject the existance of God. There is so much evidence of his hand everywhere, it's a wonder that some are so able and eager to explain him away.

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