Monday, January 26, 2009

Rocking Good Storm

In his bachelor days, Craig worked as a concrete cutter working on highways and tarmacs.  He had to live where they had work to do, so he called a 32' fifth wheel his 'suitcase on wheels'. He had it parked in a trailer park in Reno when one morning there was a huge wind storm.  In the high desert, they are dusty and real with few trees to break it up!  He was asleep, as he had been working all night.  Craig sleeps without anything on.   Even though the wind storm was real, as he slept dreamt he was in a terrible wind storm with his trailer teetering precariously on the edge of a huge chasm.   He didn't know how or why it was in this dangerous place, but knew he had to get out of what had suddenly become a death trap.  At some point he began sleep walking, or sleep creeping rather.  Like a ballet dancer on a balance beam he tiptoed delicately to the door, stopping many times to let the trailer get it's equilibrium.  When he finally made it to the door, he held his breath, gently twisted the handle and in one magnificent leap cleared the steps and landed in all his manly glory smack dab in the middle of the neighboring trailer's outdoor BBQ in broad daylight.  A short second before he landed, he woke up.   Casually greeted them and made some comment like, 'bad storm, huh' before he hurried back inside and back to sleep.  He had trouble for a while deciding if it was all just a nightmare.  All of it.     


Anonymous said...

Ok I found anonymous in the drop box. finally now it will be easier, and yes I remember Reno well. that is where it all started huh?

KoverB said...

Reno does have some funny and sweet memories!