Monday, January 19, 2009

Getting our song back

Rerun 'o8- archived from facebook....which is deactivated for now.  

Last night Craig and I went to Lowes to get some full spectrum lights for the kitchen, the back room and our bedroom .  In the winter, I get sad from lack of sunshine.  We had heard that the proper lights really help.  We were having trouble finding them, so Craig asked this guy up on a ladder about them.  He said, "Oh yes, we have them.  A lady was just here getting some.  Her canary had quit singing."    

Here's to full spectrum lighting and canaries and finding our song again!    :)    


Bernadine said...

Are you singing yet?
Marsha said she has not seen the sun in the 5 days she has been home from Mexico.
I told her it was shinning gloriously the day before she got home. Ha

KoverB said...

Let's just say Craig is checking out flights to Mexico for me...... he likes to be prepared if disaster strikes! :) 'Sunshined up' for the moment..... :)