Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sugar cube walls and hairballs

No,  it wasn't my cat coughing up hairballs, we don't have one anymore.  It was a very vivid dream last night, so real that it was a relief to wake up. 

Two things in this dream...coughing up hairballs and walls. 

 There's Hadrian's Wall, The Great Wall, The Berlin Wall, Londonderry Wall, Jerusalem Wall.  Some I've seen, some seen only in pictures.  

But back to the hairballs.....this was a nightmare!  Everytime I'd cough, a big hairball would come up in my throat and I would have to reach in and grab it to get it out for it would be stuck. After each one, this muddy clay would be sticking to my tongue and I'd have to scrape it off with a spoon.  It was grotesque!   Writing about it makes me sort of sick.  Viscerally sick!  And then this impression of walls and I kept hearing the word, 'walls'. 

Just for kicks I googled how to get rid of hairballs in cats.  Lubrication, either butter or mineral oil.  It helps it pass through, instead of blocking the intestines or coming 'up' again and again. 

This dream was early early this morning and I'm writing this at 8:30 at night after a wonderful day of worship, teaching, fellowship, water, sunshine, 2 eagles, a good meal, great coffee, more worship, more good teaching.  This day was the day frosted with butter-and drenched in the oil of gladness.   I'm gonna pass these hairballs and let them lay right here on this page, soaked in tears that will possibly drip down and  melt the wall around my heart protecting me; if it's just a sugar cube kind of wall and not stone that is!   Loving hurts, hairballs pass and walls can be breached or sometimes get torn down....with some creative strategy.  But me?  I'm all out of ideas and my climbing days are over, it feels like, so I sure hope it's a sugar cube wall after all.  


Bernadine said...

TMI= too much information
Yuk but liked the next one about the seal and beach.
Ever the critic huh? with our cats, hairballs were very unpleasant.

Anonymous said...

I remember some of the other dreams you've shared with me, but this one has to be tops for grossness! :)