Monday, January 26, 2009

Thankful for a Witness

The other day's bizarre conversation had a witness which is good, for without it, 2 people would be let down and a big misunderstanding would have happened.  We could have really hurt each other.  Craig was the witness as I told a girlfriend, or thought I told a girlfriend that we would meet on Thursday from 12-3.  He and she both heard Wednesday 12-3.  Thursdays are her day to be in my vicinity and since I know this, knew thursday would work, but they BOTH heard me say Wednesday!   It was crazy.   I felt crazy, but there were witnesses who I need to believe.  

I was wondering about many things last night.  How many times have friendships, relationships been wounded because of the 'what you think you heard isn't what I thought I said'  merry go round.

Wednesday my friend would have come over and most likely I wouldn't have been here. Then when I was waiting and waiting for her thursday, she would have stayed home hurting from the day before and frustration would be growing on both sides.  

Today, after it warms up a bit, I'm going to go out to the river and be still.  Not even try to sort out anything confusing.  Looking ahead instead of looking back to try and understand is best.  There are some things that just can't be understood maybe?  What I can do is face the future with more tools, more practice, more skill, more knowledge, more being filled with the Spirit's counsel and help.    

 Like the main character was advised in 'Stranger Than Fiction', "don't do anything, just let the plot catch up with you."   

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