Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bubbles of truth

Bill Kaloger is a story teller.  Stories stick with you forever!  He told me about the time he and his friend Michael were scuba diving with Michael's fancy new diving gizmo.  State of the art. Showed depth, direction etc,  maybe like an underwater GPS?  :)  Somehow they started having some kind of difficulty-Bill was running out of air and was trying to let him know that they needed to return to the top.  If you are deep, you have to ascend slowly which takes more air.  At Bill's signal, Michael nodded in agreement, looked at the gismo and began to descend.  A puzzled Bill caught up, tugged on Mike's flipper to get his attention and signaled again....we need to go up-to the top, now!  Mike again agreed, pointed at the gismo and started to descend once more.  Hurriedly, Bill caught up to him, (he's a merman) and seriously pulled and pointed up.  Michael agreed, yes, they were going to the top, pointed in exasperation at the gismo and gave him a 'what's wrong with you look' and started down again at which point Bill grabbed him and took off his own mouth piece to let the bubbles escape from the hose.  The bubbles were going up-the only direction they could go.  Opposite of what the computer said.    It was malfunctioning.  Gravity can't malfunction.  
   ~Adjust what you believe to be true, to what is true~

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